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Build your secured Accommodation booking site in a few steps and offer a wide range of options at the best prices with the possibility to bring in revenue!

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Global Reach

Wherever in the world you need hotels for your event we have you covered!

Expand the Portfolio

For larger events where you need additional rooms and inventory, our team of experts is ready to negotiate and contract on your behalf.

Any Sized Event

Whether you need to service smaller local events to larger scale conferences we can provide solutions to your needs.

Brand your site

Brand the site according to your needs by adding official logos and banners.

Multiple events

Create different events within your account for separate or recurrent programmes.


View statistics and follow progress.


Add Skyscanner to your site and offer the possibility to book flights.

Add to your Website

Add a Widget to a predetermined page on your website to give quick, easy and immediate access to the accommodation site.

No Hassle

You don’t need to worry about a thing as all bookings, payments and services are made through our trusted 3rd party suppliers.


Possibility to make the site available in English, French and/or Spanish.


In a few simple steps you can quickly create a secured site ideally suited to your needs. Just name your site and URL, add the relevant dates and location, choose your preferred accommodation supplier, make it look right and you are good to go! So, start the process by creating your account now!

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Choose Your Accommodation (and more)

We give you a choice of 3rd party suppliers that can provide a feed of available hotels and accommodation options closest to your venue or pre-determined location! Giving your clients the possibility to choose from a range of quality properties for their stay. You can even help them further by adding flight options!

Your business not only benefits from the service offered to your clients, but you can also benefit financially. There are financial profits to be made based on accommodation sales and you can even monitor progress through our client interface!

Revenue Opportunities

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